By Silence Betrayed (Little, Brown: 1988)

‘Stunning in its statement of the facts and unrelenting in its attacks on our myths ... Mr. Crewdson’s eloquent book allows all the complications and psychological nuances to emerge, but he doesn’t allow them to obscure the terrible facts of the case.’ — Sherry Turkle, Sunday New York Times Book Review (Page 1)

‘A solid, illuminating and alarming report on a widespread form of abuse done to those least able to defend themselves from their abusers.’ — Morton Hunt, New York Times

‘A serious attempt to outline the real dimensions of the problem of child sexual abuse ... an excellent overview and introduction to the subject for anyone not already familiar with the ugly problem.’ — Lois Timnick, Los Angeles Times

‘A disturbing book about an even more disturbing reality ... a concise, well-written overview of this growing problem (that) should alert parents and legislators to the seriousness of this many-faceted problem.’ — Marguerite Kelley, Washington Post

‘Crewdson offers a heartbreaking, credible view of how police and prosecutorial ineptitude, combined with misunderstandings or distortion of children’s testimony, led to the acquittal or dropping of the charges against many of the accused ...’ — Ilene Barth, Newsday

‘The battle ... is only beginning, and with his sober, probing account John Crewdson has enlisted as one of the good soldiers.’ — David Finkle, New York Post

‘Crewdson organizes this difficult, volatile material into a definitive, genuinely illuminating book that should help shape attitudes and channel public discussions. An important and noteworthy achievement.’ — Publisher’s Weekly

The Tarnished Door (Times Books: 1983)

‘As a survey of the facts concerning illegal immigration, The Tarnished Door, with its excellent reporting, is indispensable. Concerning the issues behind the facts, it is bold and thoughtful ... As we begin to think about ways to solve the problem of today’s illegal immigrants, The Tarnished Door is a valuable place to start.’ — Ronnie Dugger, Sunday New York Times Book Review

‘Crewdson is thorough and certain of himself in his exposition, which is cogently and interestingly presented ... The Tarnished Door is a controversial but an absolutely refreshing and different perspective on what has been called one of our country’s most pressing issues.’ — Richard F. Shepard, New York Times

‘An alarming, engrossing and levelheaded portrait of a critical national issue and of a population undergoing fundamental change.’ — Joann Omang, Washington Post

‘John Crewdson ... has written a very good book on illegal immigration to the United States, and what can — or cannot — be done about it.’ — Nathan Glazer, Boston Globe

‘A splendid example of responsible journalism visiting a subject of massive significance ... the sweep of the book is awesome; its fusion of complex themes is undergirded by first-rate research and reporting.’ — Malcolm Boyd, Los Angeles Times